Display of custom property

I have created a webthing that has an action which takes an input and sets a property with the result of that action.

The result of the action is a (sometimes long) string, and I’d love to be able to display the whole string (or at least more of it) in the UI.

Right now I get a small circle with a text field that contains the whole answer, but very little of it is visible.

Is there a way to specify that while the type of the property is a readonly string, it should display in a textarea (or similar)?

If you set "readOnly": true on the property, you should get a non-input text display, but it will still be pretty small. We do have an open issue for this, though: https://github.com/mozilla-iot/gateway/issues/1909

Oh that’s very helpful, thank you!

I’ll take a look at custom styling as well.