Do you want join the Onboarding Screening team for 2018-2?

You probably know it is more than a year that inside the Reps program exist the Onboarding Screening team.
What is the role of this team? Review all the applications to the program with a member of the Reps Council as support.
We published the new rules at the top of this year

So how you can apply to this important role?
On this GitHub ticket where you can leave your availability for the next 6 months for this role.
Later the council will evaluate all the Reps that will join the ticket (following the rules above) and we will have a new team :smiley:

What happened with the 2018-1?
The Reps Council will do a blogpost about it, after the new team selection, but I can say that in these months this team reviewed 17 applications!