Onboarding Screening Team 2018-2

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #1

It is the half of the year and we opened the applications for the Onboarding Screening Team for 2018-2.

The scope of this team is to help on evaluating the new applications to the Reps program by helping the Reps Council on this process.

In June we opened a call for the new team members on Do you want join the Onboarding Screening team for 2018-2?

We’ve got 13 applications in total. Out of them 9 applications were fitting in the Selection Criteria defined on https://wiki.mozilla.org/ReMo/Webinar/Screening, the people that applied is on https://github.com/mozilla/Reps/issues/333.

After 2 weeks the Reps Council voted and chose the new members.

The new members of the team for the next 6 months are:

The previous team members were:

The previous team worked on reviewing 17 applications in 7 rounds in the last 7 months.

If we see the numbers of applications compared to the 2018-1 team (https://blog.mozilla.org/mozillareps/2018/02/15/reps-on-boarding-team/) the number of applications has declined compared to the previous year.

The new team will start to work soon (we have about 3 applications in queue). A Reps Council Member will also join the team, focusing on communications between applicants and the evaluation of the team.

(Robert Sayles) #2

Excited to join the team :slight_smile:

(Pranjal Vyas) #3

congratulations :tada:

(Gabriela) #4


Good to know!

Congratulations and welcome!!!

(Michael Kohler) #5

Welcome to anyone new on the team and a big “thank you for your efforts” to the outgoing team. Great work! :tada: