Do you want join the Onboarding Screening team?

Hi Reps,
another day another announcement (if you miss the previous check on the Reps category).

What is the onboarding screening team?
@mkohler last year done an experimental team with me (before to join the council) , @hossainalikram and @mijanur with the scope to help on evaluating the new applications (sorry, I didn’t find the GitHub ticket about it).
As you can see, it was a team with Reps Council members and Reps to improve the diversity but also have more feedback on every application with a vote.
This team the last year evaluated all the applications of new Reps but this team was temporary.

A new team is coming
After less of an year of work, the Reps Council defined new rules for a team renewable, open by design and more organized (after this experience).
The question now is: Do you want to join this team?

New rules are available on ->

Tomorrow there will be a GitHub ticket (to remember this project also during the weekly call) where you can leave your availability for the next 6 months for this role.
Later the council will evaluate all the Reps that will join the ticket (following the rules above) and we will have a new team :smiley:

PS: If you have any feedback don’t hesitate and write in this thread!


The GitHub ticket is open ->
We are waiting your application!

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