Welcome to the new Onboarding Screening Team 2018-1

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #1

As written few weeks ago on Do you want join the Onboarding Screening team? the Council finally voted and chosen the new members.
Say HI to the new Onboarding Screening team for 2018-1!

The huge participation on this new team was very important for the involvement in the program and the Council is working to improve this in other area.
Stay tuned and soon the team will start his work for the program, but in the meantime we can say congratulations and say thanks to all the Reps applied for this role!

Q1 OKR 2018 - Onboarding, looking for feedback
Council Meeting Notes - 2018-02-13
(Gabriela) #2

Thank you so much!
I’ll be looking forward to starting to work soon!

Best regards,

(Christophe) #3

congratulations at all

(Ruwan Ranganath) #4

Congratulations new team !

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #5

Also the blogpost: https://blog.mozilla.org/mozillareps/2018/02/15/reps-on-boarding-team/

(Vishal Chavan) #6

Thank you so much. Honored to be a part of this team :smiley: