Dock to bottom buttons

this is about the buttons that moved/placed the inspector window on the bottom, side or in a separate window

new ff has them stuffed in another three dots button
older ff (eg 60esr) had them on the inspector itself next to the close button

is there css or anything to move those 2 buttons (3 but one is in use so it wasn’t shown) out of the dots button as was before? if not I suggest you reverse this change and only apply it (put them inside the three dots button) if there’s no free space/width left

The goal was to reduce density in the UI. I’d be interested in how this is adding friction, are you switching the docked mode that often?

yes, and I hope someone does the sensible thing I proposed and only hides them when there’s not enough space left, don’t just copy this other browser

As another user, who only switched the docking once or twice, what’s the reason you switch them that often?


I’d replace those buttons with the same functionality taken by Windows aero-peak: for example is possible to drag&drop a firefox tab to re-order it, move it to another window, and maybe also drag a window to a side screen to place it at 50% and so on…

What could you think if would be possible to drag&drop DevTools panel to side of Firefox window and dock it to each side or to bottom and so on? if dragged onto Windows bar, it will be undocked to a separate window.

Even better if this could be made also for each panel of DevTools (as I suggested in another thread ) to improve usability

I frequently switch as well, in responsive view I want inspector docked right - in desktop view I want it at the bottom. Don’t mind it being hidden if there was short-cuts?

Maybe solving this as well, we are looking into a default setting that would switch the toolbox to be docked right when RDM is active.