Undock DevTools panes and place them side-by-side

I actually work with 2 FHD monitors of 27" and it is very useful to have browser on a screen and DevTools on the other one, but an entire 27" for each DevTools pane is almost too much, so… I sincerely would like to optimizie visualization having the possibility to split and undock panes, place them side-by-side.

Imagine that DevTools is maximized to entire screen and it is divided into 4 regions and in each one would be shown a different pane, for example we could contemporary see Inspector, Console, Debugger and Style Editor.

It would be a very “killer feature”


Yes that would be a very useful feature.
Unfortunately, this is not currently being worked on. However there has been some discussions and prototypes done on this bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1121414

Hello, any news about this topic? I’m the unique interested in this feature?

i’d use that feature. Imagine of Debugger, Network and Styles shown at the same time

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This is current implementation (second display is empty, but it could contain the entire Developer Tools but seeing only the same panes actually present on the bottom of the page)

This is a super-quick mockup of a splitted interface in which is possible to see in the same time, html inspector and debugger.

Going further, on sufficient big screens could be possible to use Windows aero-peek feature to have 4-panes at each corner of the second display, seeing contemporary, Html inspector, Debugger, CSS pane and Network, and so on…

I hope that after almost 3 years this could be re-considered