Undock DevTools panes and place them side-by-side

(Luca) #1

I actually work with 2 FHD monitors of 27" and it is very useful to have browser on a screen and DevTools on the other one, but an entire 27" for each DevTools pane is almost too much, so… I sincerely would like to optimizie visualization having the possibility to split and undock panes, place them side-by-side.

Imagine that DevTools is maximized to entire screen and it is divided into 4 regions and in each one would be shown a different pane, for example we could contemporary see Inspector, Console, Debugger and Style Editor.

It would be a very “killer feature”

(Patrick Brosset) #2

Yes that would be a very useful feature.
Unfortunately, this is not currently being worked on. However there has been some discussions and prototypes done on this bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1121414

(Luca) #3

Hello, any news about this topic? I’m the unique interested in this feature?

(Vitabramov89) #4

i’d use that feature. Imagine of Debugger, Network and Styles shown at the same time