Documentation in SUMO - what do we do with it?

Hey there, Buddies!

We have 5 articles in SUMO:

What do you think should be done with them? I see these options:

  • Focus on updating the wiki and delete them
  • Treat them as an extension to the wiki page (so we update them as necessary)

Any other ideas/options?

I’d say lets make wiki a one stop destination for all the information. Lets KISS Keep It Short and Simple

I would think lets move them to the wiki, because it seems like that where we’re heading?

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I’d say delete them too.

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AOK, I’ll remove the articles and move all their content to the Wiki.

Yep, let’s move everything to the wiki!

OK - before I put the plug, here are the wiki pages Buddies who are Mentors for each of the areas can start updating:

…and the general for Community Buddies:

The short intro text on each page should explain everything. We own it, we make it!

I moved all the Buddy content from SUMO to the Wiki - Mentors in each of the areas can edit as they see fit from now onwards :slight_smile:

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