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I wish to donate money to Mozilla. I am from Australia.

I tried looking in the Donation FAQ - but couldn’t find an answer.

What is the lowest transaction cost to donate to Mozilla so the most amount goes to the mission. Whilst for my small donation it would not make much difference over all of the donations recieved in a year it would.

Does Stripe or PayPal give reduced fees since Mozilla is a not for profit?

Would an Australian credit card be the lowest? I also have some US dollars in a transferwise account so can transfer to a US bank account or Euro bank account or UK bank account.

Please provide a question and answer in the Donation FAQ.


I haven’t received a response after 5 days. Don’t you want my money? Where is the best place to post these types of questions, if not where I have. I do know about but I don’t want to waste there time.

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You picked two dead ends, sadly. I don’t know of anybody monitoring .general or reddit.

Discourse here should be better, but I’ll need to ask you to have a bit of patience still, as the Foundation is closed over the holidays.

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I’m trying to find the right person to answer your question here, as @Pike mentioned, it might take a few days since most people is on holidays break.

Hi Darryn @ brisdaz … Will Easton here, I manage grassroots fundraising for the Foundation. Thanks for your question – a good one – and apologies for the lack of reply over the past few days! The lowest transaction cost is going to be using your Australian credit card to donate AUD, no extra currency conversion fees that way. We have a standard 2.2% processing fee with all credit card transactions, which is just kind of the cost of doing business. (That rate is lower than the industry standard, both b/c we are a nonprofit and also we keep our dispute rate low by closely monitoring any questionable donations.) Hit me up with any other questions,, and thanks for being willing to donate to the Mozilla Foundation!


Also – does work well for any questions like this; we read everything that comes in and try to respond to donation questions within 3 business days.


@WillEaston Do we have any fixed cost if the donation amount is too small (eg., minimum as 2USD), or it will be always 2.2%?

Hey Irvin, that’s a tough question to answer specifically, because it depends on the credit card vs. PayPal decision. As we get lower on the scale, say under about $7 USD, PayPal is better b/c we have a “micro” account with them as well, where the per-transaction fees are only $.05 (as opposed to most other donations, which have a $.30 per transaction cost on top of the 2.2%.) Also … to figure this accurately, you really need to know the probability that any given transaction is fraudulent, which has potential for a $15 fee … so, basically, it’s complicated. :slight_smile:

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