Double Privacy Badger addon

I had installed Privacy Badger and today I saw a suggestion with addons list, what contained “Privacy Badger”( When I have followed and installed it, and now I have a two version of one addon. The Latest update of new “legit” version is Jul 10, 2019 (v. 2019.7.1.1), the latest update of old version Jul 21, 2019 (v. 2019.7.1.1). Old version of Privacy Badger doesn’t have a page in addons.mozilla. I cannot be sure what it’s a malware, I could installed this addon from eff website, but I must notice you about it.

Unfortunately, I have removed the old addon and have only new version from addon.mozilla.

New addon:
Error from debug mode: “Reading manifest: Error processing storage: An unexpected property was found in the WebExtension manifest.”

Extension IDjid1-MnnxcxisBPnSXQ@jetpack
Internal UUID21320813-f144-4e30-88ab-f573722507f6

Old addon:
Extension IDjid1-MnnxcxisBPnSXQ-eff@jetpack
Internal - was diffrent from UUID21320813-f144-4e30-88ab-f573722507f6
Author was corrupt and didn’t have link to addons.mozilla, but contained @eff

Mozilla Firefox 68.0.2
For Arch Linux
archlinux - 1.0

I’d assume this is an artifact from times when an extension (which means a specific ID) could only be listed on AMO or self distributed. As far as I understand you can now do both under the same ID. However updating from one ID to the other for existing users isn’t really a thing.