Doubts about audios and videos in browsers

I just read the audio and video section and was doing tests and it seems strange to me that the videos and audios in firefox and chrome work fine but when I test them in Microsoft Edge they don’t work. I do not know if it is because of the formats that I have used do not work or for another reason. I tried googling information but didn’t get anything on what kind of video and audio formats Edge supports.
Does anyone know specifically what format Edge works with audio and videos? Or do you know why this happens?

Hello @iesous9

to check which audio video format supported by any browser got to and search for the format you like like mp3 or whatever

and notice that that new edge version is based on chromium and old edge is not so double check the version

also check the developer tool of your browser and check is there any error message on the console

hope those could help and have a nice day :slight_smile:


Oh Thanks so much. This page is useful, did not know her.Your help was great :grin:

you very welcome and glad to help :slight_smile: