Audio in browser on PC

I want to start listening to recordings
but I can’t hear anything
everything else works in the browser, just listening to songs on YT

Hello and welcome to the community!

Which browser version and operating system are you using? I remember some Linux versions were not including the appropriate audio (mp3) codecs by default.

Also, can you enable the error console (Ctrl+Shift+K) on the page, reload and see if you get any errors when you click play?


Win 10 64bit
and FF 73.0b6
yes, when I open
and go to the upload, there are some bugs

Hi @Honza1616, thanks for reporting this. Those console errors are unrelated to this bug. Can you tell me if this happens on other browsers on Win10? If it’s just Firefox, can you try disabling all your browser extensions and seeing if that fixes it?

Edit: a few more follow-up questions:

  1. Did this start recently?
  2. If you go to, can you tell me if the sound plays from there?

Looks like my problem has been solved, although it’s strange …
I have disabled all extensions
restarted the browser and everything was OK
so I turned on the individual add-ons to see which one was causing it,
but in the end I have them all turned on and yet the recording works for me now
… strange, why didn’t it work for me before? :slight_smile: :))

let me mention that I was automatically updated to FF 73.0b7,
is it possible that the microphone bug was fixed in the last patch?