Drinks on Wednesday evening

Hi there,

Who’s up for drinks on Wednesday evening? I’ll be at the Park Plaza at around 19:30. After that I’m free to have some interesting discussions!

See you soon!

I will be around…find a good place and let me know… cc @Christos

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I will be arriving early Wednesday but heading to London office, maybe we can meet there?

We could meet at the office at around 20:00 and then head out for drinks? I don’t know any good bars around there, but we’ll find something. Maybe @rtsayles could ask in the office for a good recommendation?

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sounds good - i will go by the office but not sue for how long…

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Great, so we all have a date for Wednesday night (smiles) @Ioana @mkohler @Christos. I will ask for suggestions and invite Sarah and Michelle to join us.


Maybe something between the Hotels? Will be easier to get home after ( only Sarah is local)

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Yes, I agree with you. I am at the Park Plaza, so I will ask when I get to the office on Wednesday. I believe they are having dinner that night, I am sure you guys can join us? I will let you know (smiles).


Myself and @Christos will be at Mondrian Hotel - nor far from Plaza

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Unfortunately I am arriving to London at 19:40. I will call Ioana in order to check your current status and I will join you!

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@Christos @Ioana Great, I am flexible so once you get settle, let me know! I believe you both have my cell number?

I do! See you tonight!

These two pubs below are near the two hotels and they look fun. When
and where do people want to meet up for drinks tonight?

The White Hart


Kings Arms


On 10/22/14, 10:58 AM, Christos Bacharakis wrote:


October 22

I do! See you tonight!

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I actually don’t mind, I could be at both around 8pm. Do you want to meet there?

Both look ok for me too …
8PM sounds good

A few of us are going to get dinner now and join for drinks at 8:30.

Let’s meet at The White Hart for drinks. The address is 29 Cornwall Road. Meet there at 8pm if you want, and more of us will join at 8:30.