Dropbox passwords slows Firefox on startup

Does anyone have the same problem as me, that the Dropbox Passwords addon slows Firefox down when it startsup. I have singled it out as the culprit by disabling my ten addons one by one and DP was the suspect.
Firefox seems to freeze for about 60 secs, its not long but it does this every time you open FF up, and its really annoying.
Can’t find a solution anywhere.

Maybe related to this, write a comment there:

And see also this one:

Thanks for those links juraj.masiar…looks interesting even though I have no idea what the conversation is about apart from a slow starting firefox.
At least I know the culprit is DP, but how to cure it ?

Well, the good news is that both bugs are active and one of them has good priority so should be fixed in a near future (but probably more than a month or two).

Still, it’s hard to say what is broken, one bug is about slow storage quota manager that calculates how big things are and slowing down everything (is your HDD/SSD running crazy when you start Firefox? Check Task Manager to see disk activity).

The other bug is more about slow addon (for whatever reason, maybe related to previous bug) can slow down whole browser by blocking network requests. That’s why they plan to add a warning to show user what addon it is:

So we still don’t know which of these it is in your case. Try to re-install the addon (but restart Firefox after uninstalling) - that will delete all databases so it may help.

In my experience, the Firefox window will open very quickly but it takes a while for things to actually start working.

As mentioned above, it takes a while for the first network connection to be sent. Additionally, I have found that it can take a surprisingly long time for add-ons to start doing their usual things, such as loading their settings from storage.

There are many things in play so I can imagine this is a nightmare to investigate properly.

For example, with my old “fast gaming” SSD (with dedicated DDR), creating new Firefox profile with web-ext run took 15 seconds. And after replacing it with a different brand it takes 5 seconds.
So even modern SSD (or faulty SSD) can be slow when handling many IO operations.

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Ok, uninstalled, shut FF down, restarted, reinstalled, no change.
But when uninstalled, FF startsup a lot faster, as in window opens and loads as quickly as expected.
Its definitely Dropbox Passwords as when its either uninstalled or disabled, FF loads as normal.
I am on a boxed 1tb SSD (connected to MB with cables) with a new Win10 pro installation whereas before I was on a motherboard insert SSD (500gb almost full) , not that that should make a difference but just a FYI.

Yeah… crappy programmers at Dropbox for sure. I’ve just visited their download page, opened a console and refreshed the page and my Firefox froze for like 15 seconds. Even my ESR will show not responding message, and that’s without the addon installed :smiley:.

Sadly many programmers doesn’t know how to optimize javascript code at all (like when or why to use Set).

So the best you can do is report it directly to Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/support

Glad you could replicate it somewhat, i think i shall drop them a bug report, but we’ll see how much they respond.
Thanks for your trouble. :))

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