DropDown menu acting wierd on Firefox


If you click on dropdown menu only once it should open it and wait for user to choose which item to select. That works on chromium based browsers.

But on Firefox if you click on dropdown menu once it will already execute on change event instead of wait for user to choose item from drop down menu.

If I click and hold mouse I can hover to another item and then release the mouse to choose and item (That works on Firefox) but I know that most users won’t know how to use that system.

So this is one of the major bugs FireFox needs to fix it immediately as drop downs are so popular now days.

You can try it by yourself on this extension: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/passky/

Do you mean when you click a <select> form control to open the list, the list closes immediately with the same option selected, as though you pressed Enter (but you did not press Enter)?

Actually, I think you meant something different.

When I test on an HTML page, I don’t get the change event firing when I click the select or when I click on the currently selected option, only if I click on a different option. In case it’s relevant, I attach the event to a group of controls by intercepting it on their parent div:

document.getElementById('parentdiv').addEventListener('change', updater, false);

Are you sure the form that isn’t behaving correctly isn’t listening for a click event?

Thank you so much I have used click event instead of change, but it’s really strange that click event works on chromium browsers the same way as change works.