Dutch: no more sentences to validate - is this wrong?


I know the title is reappearing, but I think this case is not the same as other topics on this site.

I got “no more sentences to validate” in Dutch language. However, I’m not sure it is correct or a bug.

  • around 09/7/2020 afternoon: “no more sentences to validate”. Could happen. However, on the main page I see: there is a gap of 3 hours to validate, and these sentences are not mine.
    Screenshot_2020-07-10 Common Voice by Mozilla

  • around 10/7/2020 8:00 CET: “no more sentences to validate”

  • around 10/7/2020 11:30 CET -> I got around 10 sentences to validate from at least 3 different voices. However, the dasboard “medewerkersactiviteit” show only me as active the past few hours.
    Screenshot_2020-07-10 Common Voice by Mozilla(1)

-> its seems very strange 3 people have recorded only 10 sentences. At least 2 people I recognise the voice off, are “regular” contributers.
-> it seems very strange new sentences arrived, but not no activity is shown.

So, my question is: what’s happening. Why I don’t have more sentences to validate.



Hi there and thank you for your report.

I can confirm that indeed there are no more Dutch sentences for now to validate.

We are currently working on fixing it, with our next release on Tuesday the 14th of July.

Regarding the dashboard, this is an known issue that we are going to fix too.

Note that the dashboard shows the number of approved validations, not the total validated. So it’s possible for those 3 hours to be rejected clips and not clips that have yet to be validated.

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