Getting no more sentences to validate screen

I am getting issues when trying to validate sentences, in some instances the voice is completely obsent while that is not the case.

I have logged out and went back in to check out the validation screen and I got the no more sentences to validate screen.

I have the same issue with my language lately. I think the system doesn’t let me validate my own clips (I never ever heard my own voice) and I am done for all pending clips contributed by others. Please correct me if I guess wrongly.

In which languages are you getting this issue? What’s your user on the site?

My language is zh-HK.

Today I have clips to validate (none are my own voice). Not sure whether it is because somebody recorded more clips, or the problem is fixed.

I’m getting a similar problem with cy - Welsh.

See Github: Clip validation intermittently not available for Welsh #2746

Let’s follow-up with technical details on the github issue


Thanks Ruben. What type of info would be useful?

Time when screen appears, # of clips validated, browser type… ?

Do I respond here or on GitHub?

If you can reply on github to centralize the technical details it would be great.

We need all the information to be able to reproduce it (how we can get to that issue on our computers).

And also all the info you can provide about your enviroment (browser, OS, username, any logs on the firefox console…)