Easy way to get a male voice?

Hi, I’m just playing around with TTS and was wondering if there is an easy way to get a male voice. The models that come with the package seem all to be female, right? Are there any other already trained models I could download from somewhere?

I also would be willing to train a model myself, if this is the only way, but I’ve to admit that I’m way out of my depth there. I took a look at the config.json I supposedly have to create and I’ve absolutly no idea what any of these options mean or how they would influence the result.

So what is the easiest way to get a male voice for somebody with a solid computer knowledge but no experience in voice synthesis?

You might want to look at datasets listed on openslr.org or M-AILabs (https://www.caito.de/?p=242).

Guessing from your username you might be probably interested in thorsten-voice.de

Thank you - but I’ll have still to train them myself, right? There is no already trained model available that I could use? Or did I misunderstand how this works?

I think the Thorsten Voice is in fact one of the models that are shipped with th TTS-package. But I’ll need an english voice.