[Help Wanted] Please share your trained TTS models

I see TTS started to gather many people from different languages and backgrounds. I also see many of these peopled share similar goals. Thus, we have a chance here to enable better collaboration in our community by sharing and communicating more.

Being said that, as the first step, please consider sharing your pre-trained models (If the licenses allow that). We can include them in our model catalog for public use by referencing your name, website, company etc.

That would enable more people experiment together and coordinate, instead of individual efforts to achieve similar goals. That is also a good chance to share the computational and intellectual burden of the development process.


Great idea :smiley:.
I’m in. See https://github.com/mozilla/TTS/issues/395.


That’s a great idea. If possible, also try to provide a step by step guide to replicate what you have done, so that others can either help out or improve on things.