Eligibility - High School Tech Club



I hope you are doing well! I am part of a technology club at my high school. I was wondering if a team like this would be eligible to submit a project for the challenge.

(Michael Van Kleeck) #2

Hi coder206!
From my reading of the FAQ, it sounds like you’ll need 2 “adults” on your team, like teachers or advisors.
I hope you’ll submit your idea for the challenge!

(LRSaunders) #3

Hello! Thank you for posting. You do need to have 2 people who are 18 and over to represent your project. We would love to hear about your work and encourage you to post more about it.


@lsaunders @mvk Thanks for the information :smile:! Sound is one of the components that many devices have or can have. One of my ideas was to develop improvements to transmission of data with sound to allow it to be used to connect people everywhere. Unfortunately, following a presentation to the tech club, there wasn’t much willingness to work on such a project.