Email address visibility and privacy concerns on


The email address field has only two visibility settings:

  1. Public
  2. Mozillians

Isn’t is less private then ideal or what should be? It’s an standard to keep one’s email private. Not that is a site where accounts are created after intensive vetting. It’s a public site where anyone can create an account and then harvest email addresses.

Is it intentional and is there any reasoning behind it?

(Michal Stanke) #2

AFAIK a Mozillian you will be only after you get vouched by someone, not after registration. So only vouched Mozillians can see you info if you set its visibility for Mozillians only.


I am definitely not vouched. And I can see emails of every member. Now, I don’t know they are vouched or not but I can see their email.

Maybe they have set it to public because I can see that email w/o evening logging in. Or I can see yours (but you might also have set it to public).

But my question was: shouldn’t there be an option to not show my email to anyone including fellow Mozillians? The third option:

  1. Private

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #4

The idea of is to be a contact address of mozillians to reach out for everything.
So it is important that the email is available because many of the mozilla communiation are made in this form and not on telegram or other systems, so is like that is mandatory to join everything in Mozilla from bugzilla or for any programs.


Email is a mode of communication and I understand it but it can be done in other form too i.e. via sending messages using the site that will be delivered to emails. Or basically giving the user an option to keep it private - as is done on my many forums.

I just joined the portal and I think I am missing the point here and that seems to be the fact that everybody is fine with this and that’s perfectly fine. I kind of find it a bit odd. That’s all.

And I agree that emails are required for those portals too and they are visible to others. Cheers.