Email communications

This is perhaps not the correct venue for this, but here goes anyway. I find that email communications from Mozilla and identified as being received because I am a Mozillian is almost unreadable on my Samsung Mobile.

I do not know what it is your doing with your emails, probably specifying font sizes. But I read what looks normal in Thunderbird on the desktop, or what needs a magnifying glass in the samsung email app.


Can you attach a screenshot of the problem and also mention which emails (subject and date). That would help us ping the right team to look into the problem.

Thanks for reporting! :slight_smile:

First try doing this from the phone. Hope it works.

Looking at it on the phone screen the uploaded image is about the same percentage smaller than the topic text as I saw between thunderbird and the phone

could you also specify what app you are using on your phone to open the email? Also are other emails from Mozilla appearing like that or is it just the Mozillians emails?

All I can say is just the default email client installed on the samsung phone. It was installed when the phone came to me new. I get the same from SUMO email, but bugzilla is fine.

I have just found and turned off the products “shrink to fit” option and everything works and scales as expected, except I have to scroll left and right to read text that should have auto wrapped.

So it is overly controlling emails that force a width that are the problem.