Email is displayed by default for the new account

Hello mozila

there issue in the discourse setting that each time a new user create account the default setting that it display the user email address which should not happen

could someone from the admin fix that as that was not the case long ago

could you @fminelli help with that

and here some extra details and issue posted in github in this post

thanks for everyone and have a nice day :slight_smile:


I moved this topic to the “Meta” category. I think that’s the correct place.

This problem is pretty common. I would say in the MDN category alone I tell one person per week to remove their email address on average. In the last 24h there were even four people I contacted.
I don’t know if there’s an easy fix, but this should definitively be solved to protect the users privacy.

Thanks for your support!


I agree that this shouldn’t happen. That being said, I know that Mozilla’s Discourse is not being maintained at the moment. I filed a bug recently and was looking for a person to look into it, that was when I realized that we don’t have anyone actively maintaining the platform.

My suggestion would be to file a bug report to their repo to make sure that this issue is documented. I can’t promise anything really, but I’ll try to forward it to the right person to see what we can do about it.


thanks a lot @kelimuttu

that explain why they use old version of discourse they use version 2.6 while the current version is 2.9

and thanks for answering as i never get answered by moderator or team ever in this platform except from schalkneethling and chrisdavidmills and of course you also which is not good thing

thanks again and have a nice day :slight_smile:


No problem. Feel free to tag me once you filed the bug report.


thanks and here it is

and another one for updating the discourse version to 2.9 instead for current one 2.6

thanks again and have a nice day :slight_smile:


I just saw there’s an existing issue about this in the same repo:

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i saw it also and was thinking should i vote for it or not then create new one to make sure they see it not just about firefox account

not sure what i should do

but the big issue that it was there since aug 2021 and still there

i guess Mozilla has so bad issue with managing their our things

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someone create another issue about same one


Riight. I wouldn’t want to expose my email publicly, myself, especially if I wasn’t notified, so I wouldn’t be surprised if more people will report it.


including me :slight_smile: Exposing mail address without user knowledge is against the law.


I just had this problem. I signed up a few days ago and, surely not coincidentally, I started getting A LOT of spam in my email on the exact same day. Thanks a lot Mozilla.

How has this not been fixed in over 1 year since it was reported?! This is just yet another reason I don’t use any of your stuff - get a clue.


Hello! Would love to see this get fixed as it’s a privacy issues that’s currently affecting over 5000 people!

Someone contacted me over mail for this matter. I’m writing here just for the traction of this topic. I don’t really know how this is not fixed yet :).

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I was warned about this issue by an email message, written to by an unknown, random mozillian fellow (@chris, thank you so much again for your heads up!). This should have been addressed long time ago, frankly and it’s a shame that nobody’s currently in charge of maintaining this platform. What is Mozilla doing with its funds if it does not even maintains its community forums? This is a shame.