Enable maildir in Thunderbird 115

Have recently installed Thunderbird 115. I cannot find where to go to switch from mbox to maildir (used to be options/advanced etc). Can anyone please help?

No, was never there. You will find it in Account Settings > Server Settings.

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That’s odd. I refer you to the following:

which references " go to
Options - Advanced - Advanced Configuration - Message Store Type for new accounts and select the maildir format."
which references
  1. Click the menu button and choose Settings.
  2. Select the Advanced panel, followed by the General tab.
  3. Next to Message Store Type for new accounts , select File per message (maildir).

What am I missing?

Oh, and I realised my mistake about posting here and posted it in the Support forum, where I got a quick and helpful answer. Many thanks

You’re welcome. No problem.