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Why? https://support.mozilla.org/ is awful.

One major reason is its capabilities best support the number of users who need help. (It may not be best of breed, but it does the job)

I’m afraid I have to agree - I’m here because after a good couple of hours of going round in circles I’ve given up with the ‘support forum’. If I post, I want to be able to see where I’m posting - it seems to me if I post on that support forum, I’m posting into a black hole with no apparent bottom. I’ve clicked on what seems like a gazillion idiot buttons that shunt me through various apparently irrelevant filtering questions before sending me back around again - finally I get to a support form there and I have no idea how I got to it and, as I said, I can’t see were I’m posting too. Is what I write public; is it private? It says ‘Ask your question’ - to whom? It seems like a very closed system.