Encouraging adoption of Taskcluster beyond Mozilla

The team that develops and supports Taskcluster has recently hit an important milestone.

In August 2020, we learned that a mobile games company, Well Played Games, had successfully deployed Taskcluster to handle their continuous integration (CI) workloads. What’s more, the engineers from that company are already contributing back to the Taskcluster project. I’ve written a blog post with more of the details.

This is a watershed moment for Taskcluster, and what will hopefully lead to more deployments outside of Mozilla. More importantly, we hope that this will also lead to a self-sustaining community for Taskcluster. We’re very much interested in making that happen.

If you’re have CI needs that are currently unmet, or have friends who are build or release engineers who won’t stop complaining about their CI, might we suggest Taskcluster?

We’re active here in Discourse and also in Matrix if you’d like to follow-up with us.

Taskcluster: CI for engineers



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