Error:About "train-all.csv" when i run import_cv2 with zh-CN

At first, I use Chinese dataset from common vocie
When I run import_cv2,py

root@60f1a6a9bf2a:/DeepSpeech# bin/ persistent_data/cv-corpus-6.1-2020-12-11/zh-CN
Saving new DeepSpeech-formatted CSV file to: /DeepSpeech/persistent_data/cv-corpus-6.1-2020-12-11/zh-CN/clips/train-all.csv
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “bin/”, line 221, in
File “bin/”, line 216, in main
_preprocess_data(PARAMS.tsv_dir, audio_dir, PARAMS.space_after_every_character)
File “bin/”, line 177, in _preprocess_data
rows=set_samples, exclude=exclude)
File “bin/”, line 142, in _maybe_convert_set
with open(output_csv, “w”, encoding=“utf-8”, newline="") as output_csv_file:
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/DeepSpeech/persistent_data/cv-corpus-6.1-2020-12-11/zh-CN/clips/train-all.csv’

I think what has happened here is that you were following the data formatting guide on the DeepSpeech PlayBook. This had an incorrect reference to a directory called persistent_data instead of deepspeech-data. I have fixed this.

If you try:

root@60f1a6a9bf2a:/DeepSpeech# bin/ deepspeech-data/cv-corpus-6.1-2020-12-11/zh-CN

does that work?

Thank you for your answer
I have already solved the problem.
I am sorry that it waste your time.

It would be welcome if you could share what was the issue, so it is helpful to others.

How did you find the solution? same problem here.