Events with Michelle and Marcia

We had a discussion about webmaker and QA events.

One piece of the session was to brainstorm about upcoming events for the rest of the year. We’ve put those ideas on this etherpad, please add your own -

They can be events you know are coming up, or events you’re hoping will happen.


@Kensie maybe it’s a good idea to bring people attention to this discussion in the general mailing list, so we can fill the pad quicker.

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What types of events are talking about, community events, conferences or both? (I get the impression from list that we are talking about both). Will this help the senior consul with calculate a budget?

yes, both events you want to organize (or see Mozilla organize) as well as events you’d like to have a Mozilla presence.

We didn’t capture in the notes the greater purpose of the session, I’ll try to remember to ask Michelle Thorne (she ran the session) to answer your question.

I also think it would be really useful to call out any Regional Events that are coming up such as the Mozilla Hispano and Mozilla Arabic regional events.

That should be covered with the call out to reps general @Kensie did, right?