Exporting passwords from Lockwise

I am experimenting with Lockwise as my password manager, and that allows me to use randomly generated passwords in many services. But if I end up switching to another password manager, it would be a pain to do the full password reset in all these services. Therefore, it would be reassuring to know that I can extract all my stored passwords in an easily readable format.

Is there a way to export or archive all passwords stored in Lockwise easily?


I am waiting too for a solution to this, it would be a pain to manually transfer all the passwords to another password manager.

I am also waiting for the solution, for some unknown reason, firefox does not autofill and it is pain every time switch to lockwise and manually copy & paste the user id and password to the websites.
I would like to use Keepass or other password manager, much better than lockwise also easy integration with other browsers.

Dear Mozilla, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) oblige you to have such functionality. Without export option you’re actually breaking the law.

I find this utility useless:

  • I can no longer export data
  • Auto fill doesn’t work
  • And search no longer searches through passwords and user names - only URLs

Over the years I’ve accumulated passwords for hundreds of sites, and I was in the process of filtering out duplicate/repeated passwords to change them to something unique. I can no longer do this.

The previous utility included in Firefox was far better than this piece of pretty, but useless junk.

Either you fix this in the next few days, or I’ll just look for some other option, even if it means reentering my passwords as I gradually access my sites over time.

Highly dissapointed. It reminds me too much of Microsoft: if it works well, then it’s “improved”.

What i have started doing is right clicking where i enter my email and selecting the option “Fill login”. There seems to be a bug that disables the setting to autofill in the preferences (you can re-enable it, but it gets disabled every time you restart firefox).

So apparently add-ons can disable the “Ask to save logins and passwords for websites” which in turn disables the “Autofill logins and passwords” option. In my case I had installed Roboform password manager which does exactly that, now that i have disabled the Roboform addon, I no longer have the issue.

You can export all details from lockwise, GeGeek found a solution and personally i’ve been using this as well. Its very frustrating to be limited and prevented from downloading my own data.

Yeah, just let random dudes from internet help us with our passwords. What possible could go wrong?

Lots of techs as well as gegeek whom helps thousands of techs use that app, but hey that’s fine if you choose to not use it. It has already help thousands.

That doesn’t change that it solves the problem that should never exist!

That’s wonderful logic, akin to “thousands of car drivers die daily in crashes so you should trust anyone to let any stranger drive you home.” I trust Mozilla (mostly). I trust that “thousands of techs” not 1 iota.

@mave: You’re right, full CRUD, autofill (with full overrides), import, and export options should be native in Firefox.

I’m sticking to Keepass which is also accessible by phone and much more secure since I can store my database file on 1 cloud network and key file in a different cloud.

i’m trying out bitwarden and on the developer’s github he offers a password exporter for firefox. since i’ve decided to trust the password manager service i should trust the app too, right?

I also had problems and I could solve the export issue with this page:


So still no official Export option whatsoever in Firefox Lockwise ??

Google Chrome offers batch password Export, but no options for import.
Firefox (Regardless of Lockwise) offers Import batch passwords, but no export… This is a RIDICULOUS feature war of the browsers and consumers are caught in the middle. Its all designed to HOPEFULLY make us less likely to adopt a new default browser, by essentially withholding our data from us and creating data migration complications & frustrations the common person will just walk away from!! This is NOT how you implement security best practices from the BOTTOM UP.

Dead download link - looks like he took this down… HELP

Updated the application and the link.

Download Brave(https://brave.com/), go to settings->get started->import bookmarks and settings->choose mozilla firefox(check passwords,history,bookmarks etc)->import.

goto additional settings in brave browser(under settings menu)->auto-fill->export passwords(.csv file)

Any solution for that yet, as I am getting a new laptop soon and wish to export my saved passwords, I used to be able to take a picture of them. However with lockwise this is not possible. Please advice on how to backup my passwords.

they won’t do it so you’re forced to use their online sync account.
offline export stuff doesn’t generate income, or info. also braindead simple to implement, so we’re not going to get it for a while, or ever.
fishy and suspect of mozilla with such tactics.