FAQ: Global Gatherings

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Hi All … sign up for coaching sessions next week is now available:


We want to set you up for success in this application, which is why the Participation Team is offering 20 min coaching sessions to anyone who wants to take advantage of these. This can be to get feedback on what you’re applying for, your draft answers, your MozFest session, etc. Coaching will be available from September 7 to September 11.

You can sign up for a coaching session here:

Select Coaching 1 for 9:00 UTC to 15:00 UTC
Selection Coaching 2 for 12:00 UTC to 21:00 UTC

Please remember to input your Skype name so we can reach you.

You will be automatically assigned to staff member of the Participation Team.

Before this participation process was put into place, I decided against submitting a session for MozFest this year because I didn’t feel my attendance would give me the opportunity to have the impact I’d like to have. Now that this is happening, I see that there’s much more for me to align with and would love to submit a session or two!

Longshot question: Given the short notice, might the deadline for MozFest submissions be extended to align with the deadline for this application?

Do we need Signed Recommendation letter, like we sign Rep NDA, scan it
and resubmit it, Is it or it could be words from Mozillian about

Hello @Meghraj,

I don’t think we need to get the signature. Like we don’t have any option to attach our signature when we vouching any mozillian :wink: . Since .txt is also included in the preferred file types, attaching a signature is not necessary. Just their words would be enough.

@Meghraj and @CaptainCalliope …updated above!

Thanks George and Jafar.

The number of spots for each team at the All Hands has been updated on the Wiki:


New questions!

Q: What if you can’t decide now but would be able to pay your own way to Singapore later?

Q: Will there be spots at the Leadership Summit in Singapore for people who don’t come through this application process?

Q: I have multiple letters, how do I choose between them?
A: Choose the one that you think will best show your skills and what you have done. It is best if the letter reflects and confirms what you put in your application.

Q: What happens if I make a mistake or forget something on my application? Can I submit another application?

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I want to know the reason behind - “staff letters will not be considered more credible”.

And does this apply even for those who are applying for Orlando gathering alone (I thought the other way) ?


@ram1 and @lucyeoh … answers are above.

Q: Whom should we address the recommendation letters to?

Q: Webmaker and L10N are two groups whom many people are applying to work with as functional teams for Orlando but they’re not listed under the current teams, is it okay to use them?

L10n is part of platform, so that’s OK, and probably useful.

Can’t speak to webmaker.

To the selection committee.

Q: What happens if I’m late with my application?

@lharris …answered above – no late applications.

Is the application period open till 11th September 0:00hrs UTC or 11th September 23:59hrs UTC?

11th September 23:59hrs UTC


Is this good practice to keep adding links (as proof of contributions) wherever applicable ?