FAQ: Global Gatherings

It’s better to summarize the impact of the activity, or the aggregate impact.

I forgot to save the text of my final application. Would it be a possible to get a copy of my application when it’s being reviewed?

I keep getting the following error I try to apply:-

	There was a problem with your submission.
	We were unable to edit entry #785. This usually occurs when too much text has been entered into paragraph fields. Please try to trim your entry, or contact our support department.

I made sure that all the fields are within the word limits still I keep getting this error.

How do I complete the application?

Can you try starting a new application?

FYI all - The selection process is taking a little longer than first planned.

People should start hearing back towards the end of the week


I will stop checking my email every 15-seconds then :wink:

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As per @george’s mail to reps list:

“We’re delayed by about a week on the selection process. So you should expect something end of this week or early next week.”

George Roter
Head of Core Contributors, Participation

New update:

Hi All,

We should be sending out invites on Tuesday and Wednesday. Thanks for your
continued patience.


Hey, I just thought of something. What happens to the people who aren’t selected? When I wasn’t selected for Whistler I basically found out by seeing that everyone else got an invite and that was a poor experience. Is it already the plan to send something to everyone to let them know if they are selected or not?

Everyone will be notified about the resolution of his application :slight_smile:

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Hello to Everyone!

I’m going to create an Egencia account and have a question about filling in the company settings section (Enter your company settings).
What exactly I have to choose as the volunteer?

I guess it should be something like this:
Worker Type: Volunteer
Select your traveler group: ??
Select your department: ??


OK, I just skipped last two fields and the request was successfully submitted.
Waiting for the confirmation…


I’ve just added a new topic for the specific events.
First one is for Mozfest: https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/global-gatherings-faq-mozfest-2015/4514

I will be uploading the Orlando soon.


Hi guys! WIll there be any aftermath and transparent description of the process used to select the applicants (especially Leadership Summit)?
cc @george

Yes. We’ve been quite distracted this week with Etherpad transition. My aim
is to get out a clear explanation soon.


@franc Could you add the answer to these in the FAQs? I see MozFest Volunteers as an option, but am not sure what to pick for the work week. It pre-fills something. Should we just do what Artem did and not worry what is selected?

That question was answered already in the point 9 of: https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/global-gatherings-faq-orlando-work-week/4515/2

But you can include more questions in the same topic

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There it is! I thought I had read that somewhere and couldn’t for the life of me find it again.

@george shared this presentation the the last Reps call explaining the process, I hope it helps to clarify.


My namee is Chad Kagen from Atlanta.
I need to know the purpose for - “staff letters won’t be viewed as more dependable”. What’s more, does this apply notwithstanding for the individuals who are applying for Orlando assembling alone.

Much obliged,
Chad Kagen