Favorite WebExtensions?

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Good Old Days

An alternative to legacy (un)clrd.

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Are there any for Dashlane? Massive fans.

We’re currently working on an email parser WebExtension that will sit over Gmail/Outlook and extract data from emails in order to extract into tools like Salesforce or Dynamics CRM as a user opens that particular email. Think receiving multiple website enquiries or leads by email.

There will also be an option to extract future emails of the same template automatically.

(rugk) #206


My favorite add-on obviously is my little own one:

It’s available on AMO obviously:

It replaces an older “Offline QR Code Generator” for Firefox < 57, but adds many features and is unique. :wink:

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ScrapBook stop work in Firefox 57, I created a new extension works similar with it named ScrapBee, see https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-CN/firefox/addon/scrapbee/, wish it helps anybody.