Feature: Creating a special admin account in Common Voice

Here is the scenario, I am calling people to my office to make recordings for Common Voice, creating an email for each one of them just to make 225 records does not seem right, it there a different way to do that?
Maybe a special admin account where I could add users, create their profiles and recordings under one account?

HI Daniel and thanks for your message.

Currently, you can validate and record sentences without the need of having an account. You can simply visit the Common Voice website and start recording.

Would that work for you?

Hello Christos,
It won’t because recording happens with each person on the same computer in different sessions not all at once, that requires an account to track their progress so each won’t exceed 225 records per person, and to give each one a profile for their age and sex, as well as to minimize the chances of recording the same text more than once by the same person.
Another possible way is to be able to create accounts on common voice without the need for emails, because creating emails mostly require telephone numbers and it’s a bit of a hassle, it is also a waste of resource if I’m just gonna use it for recording 225 records on common voice.

What’s the issue with this? I suspect they already have a work email they can use to log-in and keep track of their recordings. Login with email is a quick and simple process.

If you need overall view of these people activity, that’s a different thing, we don’t share account information to individual users. But, how many people are we talking about in which language?

The situation for low-resource languages are a bit different. They actually don’t, I have to create an email for them. They don’t know what it does, they will never use it.
In order to make common voice universal, you would have to take care of these edge cases.
I’m giving you a feedback from my end, what are my needs and how to make this work more efficiently for me.
So if the calculation is right I would need 8000 people to record 2000 hours, the language is Abkhazian, it is in an endangered status according to UNESCO.

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Gmail has a feature where you can use a + symbol to create a unique email address that still forwards back to you.

So if your email was example@gmail.com, you could register on Common Voice as example+user1@gmail.com, example+user2@gmail.com, etc, and those emails would still come to you.

You can have unlimited combinations from a single Gmail account.

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Brilliant! You just solved this issue for me.
Thank you.