Is it time to have proper user accounts on Common Voice?

(Bernard Cooper) #1

Haven’t used Common Voice in a while as I was finding I kept getting the same dozen or so phrases to read repeating over and over again.

I’ve revisited the site to see how things are going and if the bug had been fixed only to find the counter for the number of my voice contributions and verifications had been reset to zero. I assume this is because I cleared my cookies recently when doing a bit of browser spring-cleaning. I’ve completed the ‘Profile’ form using the same information I did previously (I noted this all done exactly in a password manager) but it seems my progress is lost :frowning:

Has any thought been given to adding proper user accounts? I’m sure there would be other benefits from having a persistent user ID for people donating their time to this project. People who wished to stay anonymous could still choose not to create an account.

(Neil Stoker) #2

I suspect that would add a whole raft of privacy responsibilities (both under GDPR and in general when it comes to redistributing the dataset)

Not to be challenging, but what is it you would hope to gain from people having user accounts?
Is it the concern with the loss of kudos with the contribution counter, it avoiding repeated phrases or something else?


You can now log in and have a dashboard! (contributions from different devices are not yet merged)