[Feature Request] Be able to re-validate the 5 clips batch

Hi, while validating some times you click ‘Yes’ by accident, I see the the clips on the right-side of the validation page, I’d like to be able to go back to correct, and then be able do re-validate the clip.
@dabinat Any thoughts?


@Codigo_Logo_Programacao_e_Inteligencia_Artificial Oh, this would definitely be helpful. Every so often I accidentally press the wrong button and approve clips of complete silence.

You should be able to just click the number to go back to that clip and change your vote. Although I’m not sure how that would work if you make the mistake on clip #5 since it disappears after that. A screen could be shown after you validate 5 clips but that extra step would probably slow a lot of people down.

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I also have this on my wish list. That would be a great feature. I imagine it similar to how they appear in the Speak section where one can go back and re-read the clip.