Feature request: saved login labels

in some sites I’m struggling with choosing a correct password.

Some services where I manage several accounts do not allow to change an username.
So each time I try to log into the service, I’m presented with a list like:

  • fw5412K
  • sw1258L
  • fd8785A

and I have to select a correct one, which does not happen always.

It would really help if I could assign label to each item in the Lockwise and this label would be then displayed when picking saved logins.
If the label would not be set, username would be displayed by default.

When visiting such sites, I would get something like this:

  • Vit’s account (fw5412K)
  • Dad’s account (sw1258L)
  • Client’s account (fd8785A)

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards