Feature Request - Way to hide network errors

Could a way to hide network errors please be added to the console? This would be helpful for keeping the console more readable, since enabling tracking protection or using an adblocker will fill the console with network error messages due to not being able to connect to the ad/tracking site. This is also in chrome (and probably opera and etc) as “Hide network messages”.

I filed https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1478027 on this.

Hello, would you have a website I can go to to see those messages ?
Network messages are only shown if the “Network” or “XHR” filter button are toggled:

Or is there something I’m getting wrong ?

I have both XHR and Requests un-selected and I still see network messages.

Thanks, now I understand.
So they’re not network message per-se, but warning message about network.
We’ll see how we can manage those

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I’d like to see this as well.
There’s a third party library that loves to throw websocket orCORS errors for me on development that I’d love to hide, because they really fill up my console and make it hard to see important errors.

Thanks for looking in to this!

Yeah, I could see it being useful to be able to block certain classes of errors when they come from specific domains.

here’s an example of the stuff that pops up at the top of my dev console when loading a page, it’s really impossible to work with!