Feedback and Thoughts!

(Rjensen) #1

We want to hear your feedback and thoughts!

(Lyre Calliope) #2

@rjensen It took me a second to realize what this post was in regards to. Could you post the links about the Open Innovation Toolkit project here?

(Rjensen) #3

hi Lyre, there is some info in the overall group - this is a sub post

What are you specifically missing?

(D Jan) #4

I would love to see some examples from your work at Mozilla within the toolkit. There are already many toolkits of this kind – some example which show the methods applied in actual (and sometimes messy) projects could set yours apart.

(Rjensen) #5

hi D_Jan

Totally agree! We’re doing this with the focus on open innovation, but examples are everything. We will be updating the site as we go so some will start appearing.

Everyone can also submit an example, by using this form:

(Msaforrian) #6

Hey, is this meant to be a riff on Open Innovation? From what I gather it is not, but wanted to hear your thoughts.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #7

Just a thought: You could effectively seed this category with a lot of content if you used Discourse’s incoming mail to create topics for each question that’s sent in.

Either you could stage these topics in a private category and ask each author individually if they’re okay with having their content posted in public (might even be possible to write an automated bot for this :wink: before moving it into the public category.

…Or, you could clearly point out in the contact form itself that all submissions (but not emails) will go public.

(Rjensen) #8

hi Erlend_sh

I’m not sure i 100% understand the question, could you elaborate? Maybe this is something @nukeador can help answer?

(Rjensen) #9

hi @d_jan this is definitely something we are working hard at! We have a few projects going now and I’ll post them as soon as we have something to share… building while making

(Rjensen) #10

@msaforrian I don’t know what you mean by Ripp off? We are by no means trying to own the term open innovation and we’ve actually spent time with some of the great theorists and professors in this space such as Eric Von Heppel to learn more about this area. We’ve all studied Chesbrough and his studies are one of the reasons why so many companies are exploring Open Innovation, including us :slight_smile: Hope that answers it, but feel free to ping me if not :slight_smile:

(Rubén Martín) #11

@erlend_sh suggestion is that it’s possible to link the feedback form on the site to automatically create new topics from the messages in this (or other, even private) discourse categories.

The workflow would be:

  • I fill the feedback form, click send.
  • A new discourse topic will be automatically created in this category with the subject and content.
  • I will get any replies people made in my email as regular emails without having to create a discourse account or knowing what discourse is.

To implement this it’s as easy as set the destination email for the website form to an email that @yousef or @tanner can set up in this category as “incoming email”.


(Rjensen) #12

Ah! I see. Sorry!

We could definitely consider that! We are currently implementing a few things to avoid spam (which is a issue right now) and once that is done I’ll revisit with @yousef :slight_smile:

Currently we’ve mainly received requests for help on facilitation, advice and a few suggestions for new methods.

(Msaforrian) #13

Hi there, just to clarify I meant to say RIFF not RIP–as in, is this a play on that or involved with the Open Innovation idea.

(Rjensen) #14

@msaforrian ah makes sense, apologies for the misunderstanding!

I don’t know if it is a riff… but it is basically meant to explore how to do something that design companies do well in closed, in person environment; human-centered design, in a open, distributed environment which is what open innovation requires. … does that help?