Feedback for giving feedback for the test-pilot


I find it very difficult to give feedback for the test-pilot, for multiple reasons:

  1. I expected a menu with an entry for “feedback” when I click on the test-pilot icon. Then, I would have expected a small textbox for my feedback with a “send” button. But instead, clicking on the test-pilot icon opens a new site where I can download more addons, but nothing about feedback. That is strange, as I thought test-pilot is about collecting feedback.
  2. I have to create an account for this site. Why? I just want to give feedback. Why do I have to create yet another account on yet another website I might never visit again, just to write down some lines of feedback.
  3. I have to use a public forum. Why? I just want to give some feedback, not start long discussions. A forum requires much more work on my site: I have to find the right place for the feedback (as the forum is structured by topics). I should check, whether someone else already wrote something similar and then start there: What is already written, what is missing, what do I support, what not, etc.
  4. After the login to this forum, I was forced to check my messages. I just want to give some lines of feedback, not learn how to use another software. I just want to write down some lines and send them to you. Instead, I have to learn how to use this forum software, starting with my “messages”, which I will never use, as I don’t expect any messages. I you have questions about my feedback, write an e-mail. You forced me to give you my e-mail-address anyway for logging in here.
  5. After the forced message-reading, there was no link back to the forum where I wanted to post the feedback. I had to search it again.
  6. But your search didn’t find anything. From what I figured out, it just searched through my empty message inbox in this forum, not the forum itself.

And all of that, just because I wanted to give you some lines of feedback, which could have been done by a simple text-box and a “send” button. : - (

Hi there! I think we’ve given you the wrong idea about Test Pilot.

Test Pilot is not intended as a way to give general feedback through a textbox. In fact, the “addons” you see on the site are the main purpose - they’re experimental Firefox features.

We encourage participants to enable & try these features - and you don’t need to create an account to do so. We collect usage data and occasionally ask for ratings & survey responses. You can also visit the Test Pilot site after enabling an experiment to find a “Give Feedback” button for that particular feature.

This public forum, on the other hand, is for folks who do want to get into longer discussions. But, it’s not mandatory. This is intended as an additional level of contribution.