Feedback: How do you interact with the SUMO weekly call?


(Rubén Martín) #1

Hi all,

As you might know, every Wednesday there is a SUMO community call and we would like to understand a bit more how you are interacting with it.

  • I usually attend the call
  • I usually watch the recording later
  • I just check the wiki notes
  • I don’t really follow the call

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Also we want this topic to be a space to understand:

  • What does this call mean for you?
  • How does it bring value to your contributions?
  • Do you have any feedback about it? What should we start/stop doing?


This weekly call is a core part of the SUMO community.

It provides for an opportunit for people to be recognised, for news to be shared, for people from different parts of SUMO to learn about what the other elements of the team are up to and for us to field any concerns and questions to staff.

Please do not end it.

(Rubén Martín) #3

Hi @Seburo, thanks for your feedback.

I’m not proposing any changes to the call, but I want to fully understand its goals and the value that’s bringing to people. From your message what I understand is.

  • Recognition.
  • Updates and announcements.
  • Answer questions/feedback face to face.

Are there any other places where the 3 things are happening too?

(Jens Hausdorf) #4

I wonder whether it would be possible to change the day this happens. Wednesdays evening(my timezone) doesn’t work for me at all. For me it would work any day except Wednesdays.