Feedback sought

Hi there Mozilla legends

I’m pretty new to developing, well anything, and have launched a basic WP website I made but in testing have found it shows up oddly on Firefox on my android phone.

Settings seem right in WP so have come asking if anyone has suggestions of what ive missed because yes I am a total n00b but keen to learn and would like the site to look crisp and professional in m fav phone browser.

It’s the last section of page four and the text should be centered but instead sort of almost hangs off the right edge. See here:

Any and all ideas very welcome - thanks in advance.


try to remote debug it

This shows up in Firefox’s responsive design mode. Which should make editing/testing the changes easier. In the large grey block most of the problems stem from

.elementor-349 .elementor-element.elementor-element-068eddc > .elementor-element-populated {
 margin:0px 130px 0px 130px;

You may want to scale that margin based on device screen size. Asking on a more web developer focused forum will likely yield better answers.