FF Dev Specific Bug

I play an online Star Wars RPG called Star Wars Combine at https://www.swcombine.com/

Today, FF Dev edition randomly stopped being able to use many of the buttons in the UI. At least one other player is a FF Dev user, and confirmed that switching back to the regular FF distribution allows them to use the buttons again. I also loaded the website in Edge, and confirm that they still work in that browser as well, so it seems to be FF Dev specific.

The buttons are still there, and the hyperlinks still work, but I just can’t interact with them. Some buttons still work, but most do not. Hovering over a working button shows nothing, but hovering a broken button shows the hyperlink at the bottom.

Clicking on the button does absolutely nothing, like clicking a blank spot on a webpage. However, I can still open the page the button should open by right clicking and selecting “open in new tab,” but I need to open a new tab for every single action now. Using the MMB to open a new tab does not work; it has to be right click.

Not a major issue, just a minor annoyance, but I wanted to make sure people are aware of this, so the bug or new feature causing this to break doesn’t get pushed to the stable distribution.

This only stopped happening in the last day, but I have FF on auto-update, so I’m not sure when the last new patch came out. About tool says I’m up to date and running 122.0b7 (64-bit) on the Aurora channel, if that helps anyone. Running window 10 on an all AMD PC I built from scratch.

I don’t do much with develpment myself, I most use Dev edition for access to new features before the main distro gets them, so I have no idea how to fix this, but I’m hoping someone here does. If you need any more info, just ask.

Thanks for the report.
Can you link to a specific page and links where you see this issue? If possible, one where we don’t need an account. A screenshot might help too so we can try to reproduce what you’re seeing.
Since this is working in other browsers, it might be good to report the issue on https://webcompat.com/

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No, unfortunately I can’t provide links. Any links to the game interface would redirect you to the log in screen, as far as I’m aware. You’re welcome to try though: https://www.swcombine.com/members/position/?action=Travel

I can provide a screen shot however. The buttons in question are the action buttons next to the Creature. Talk, Heal, and Attack. The Heal button still works, but the Attack and Talk button no longer do.

Also on the left side, there’s two more buttons. Ship Controls has stopped working, but Entrance/Exit still works fine

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