Filters for aliases

I just moved my email from Eudora to Thunderbird. Ugh. I miss Eudora.
At any rate, I added all my protonmail aliases to Thunderbird so I can filter by email but when I want to set up filters, the only email address that shows up is my primary. Is this beyond Thunderbird’s capability or is there a way to do it?

If you are trying to create a message filter for your mailbox then, yes, only the configured mailboxes (not aliases) will be listed.

There are a couple of ways you can handle the filtering depending on what you want to achieve. You could create tags for each alias and then have the message filter apply the tag based on the alias email address it was sent to. Another option would be to create folders and use the message filter to move the messages to the appropriate folder based on the alias email address.

Does this sound like to sort of thing you are trying to do?

I’ve actually tried the second one but it hasn’t worked, so I’ve been moving emails manually. I gave the tags a try, made a tag for a particular email address, and then ran “Quick Filter”. Nothing. Email just sat in the Inbox.
Then I went back to Tags to modify it, thinking I’d overlooked something. Though the email is marked with the color, it’s not listed, so I’m stumped.

Where do I find instructions on how to create and modify tags correctly?

I sure miss Eudora. (Sigh) It did everything and did it easily. Moving to Thunderbird has made for a real learning curve.

Eudora was, I think, the first GUI email client that I used and it was very good. Nothing Microsoft had produced come close and Apple hadn’t created an email client then.

There is a Mozilla support page here that has basic instructions on using Message tags and the full support page is here.

The “Quick Filter” doesn’t move emails from a folder (AFAIK), it just filters what’s displayed in the folder based on what you specify. You would need to create a Message Filter and then run it manually on the folder (or on a schedule, when email comes in, etc.) to move messages to a different folder.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the support page link. It was helpful, but I did try to filter the tagged messages manually and they still sat in my inbox, so I’m still moving them one by one.

Nothing ANYONE has produced comes close to Eudora. Thunderbird, as I recall, was built on Eudora. but it took away a good deal of functionality.

  1. Login to Gmail, if necessary.
  2. Click the gear icon and select Settings.
  3. Click Filters and Blocked Addresses.
  4. Select Create a new filter.
  5. In the To field, add your alias. …
  6. Click Create filter with this search.
  7. Add checkmarks to Skip the Inbox (Archive it) and decide what you’d like to do with it.

I’m not sure how this is relevant. I don’t have a gmail address.