Firefox 69 and Firefox iOS 19 articles - September 3rd

Hi, everyone, Giulia here.

I am super newbie but the amazing Nukeador has worked with me in the past few weeks and, from now on, I will be the one publishing the updated articles for the new releases.
He will still be around, but feel free to contact me for every doubt, question or feedback regarding this!

The following articles have been added or updated recently and it would be great if they are localized by September 3rd.

Thank you so much for your contributions!

Firefox 69

Feature Article Status
Muted videos are blocked from autoplaying Revised
Cryptomining blocking has been moved from “Strict” to “Standard” in the privacy panel Revised
Enhanced Tracking Protection (strict) is on by default Revised

Firefox iOs 19

Feature Article Status
What’s new page for Firefox for iOS version 19 new article
Tracking Protection is now Enhanced Tracking Protection Updated article

Firefox Preview

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Hello! About Enhanced Tracking Protection feature. Is there a way to know what hosts are in the list to be blocked?


If you read this article, it says that the Firefox uses a list from Disconnected.

From Disconnect as in the article.