Firefox Accounts: string migration and product name change

Firefox Accounts: string migration and product name change

A new file called auth.ftl was added to the project. The auth.ftl file contains strings for the new and improved email system. This system is yet to go live.

The introduction of auth.ftl serves a few purposes:

  • It will replace the file called server.po which contains strings for the the old and current email system.
  • Migration of email related strings from server.po
  • Unlike previous migration, this time, email related localized strings in server.po, if still in use, were mostly leveraged to auth.ftl. This way, they don’t need to be re-translate in the new file format.

A couple of things to note;

  • Changes in the product name. Firefox accounts and Firefox account are now in lower case A.
  • Stop working on the server.po file. There won’t be new product development to this file which would eventually be replaced and removed.

Like all migrations, not all strings are converted and migrated 100% accurately. Pay attention to brand and product name placeable, especially if they were translated when they should have remained unchanged. Watch for color-coded error warnings in Pontoon, and fix those first. When time allows, go over previously translated strings just to double check.

If you have any additional questions or find any issues, please let the l10n-driver know.