[firefox] Firefox l10n Newsletter

A few weeks ago, I started publishing a Firefox l10n Newsletter to provide more information about the upcoming MR1 release of Firefox.

You can find issue #5 here. At the beginning, you will also find links to the previous issues, as well as up-to-date testing instructions.

New strings should be available in Pontoon within the next hour.

New issue available here: https://bit.ly/l10n-newsletter-6

Notable elements:

  • Beta will be 2 weeks longer than originally planned. That means 2 extra weeks for localization and testing. The new deadline is May 23.
  • Most of the content should have landed at this point. In particular, strings for the default browser prompt, and onboarding.

New issue available here: http://bit.ly/l10n-newsletter-7

Make sure to check out the explanation about “Fire starts here”, and the possible l10n alternative “It starts here”. Strings will be exposed in a few hours.

New issue available here: https://bit.ly/l10n-newsletter-8

The onboarding has been updated for Windows 10, with a new panel using strings that were translated for a different panel. You might want to double check that.

A reminder that the deadline to update your localization is May 23 (next Sunday).