[firefox] Firefox l10n Newsletter

A few weeks ago, I started publishing a Firefox l10n Newsletter to provide more information about the upcoming MR1 release of Firefox.

You can find issue #5 here. At the beginning, you will also find links to the previous issues, as well as up-to-date testing instructions.

New strings should be available in Pontoon within the next hour.

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New issue available here: https://bit.ly/l10n-newsletter-6

Notable elements:

  • Beta will be 2 weeks longer than originally planned. That means 2 extra weeks for localization and testing. The new deadline is May 23.
  • Most of the content should have landed at this point. In particular, strings for the default browser prompt, and onboarding.

New issue available here: http://bit.ly/l10n-newsletter-7

Make sure to check out the explanation about “Fire starts here”, and the possible l10n alternative “It starts here”. Strings will be exposed in a few hours.

New issue available here: https://bit.ly/l10n-newsletter-8

The onboarding has been updated for Windows 10, with a new panel using strings that were translated for a different panel. You might want to double check that.

A reminder that the deadline to update your localization is May 23 (next Sunday).

New issue available here, after a long pause: https://bit.ly/l10n-newsletter-9

This one is entirely about a new feature, called “Firefox Suggest”.

Latest issue of the Firefox l10n newsletter is available here: https://bit.ly/l10n-newsletter-10

Please take a look when you have a chance, as there are important things to know before jumping into translations. The new strings will be available before the end of the day, and probably get one more update over the week-end.

Latest issue here: https://bit.ly/l10n-newsletter-11

This focuses on the new Total Cookie Protection feature (context, how to test).