Firefox keeps suddenly deciding no addons can be verified

I hope this is the right category, seeing as it’s a problem with addons in general rather than a specific one. There’s a lot of information online about people having issues like this, but all of them seem certain it stopped happening several versions ago and I’m still seeing it in 70.0.1 (and none of the solutions I’ve seen have helped me).

At seemingly random intervals Firefox will suddenly display the yellow “one or more addons could not be verified” bar. Upon checking, it generally turns out that literally all of my addons have been disabled, regardless of age, origin, or function.

What’s really weird is that this doesn’t happen at a couple of times when I would have expected it. If my addons are working when I close Firefox, they’ll always still be working when I reopen it–they always work for a few hours at least, and usually a day or two, before suddenly becoming unverifiable. And I never have an issue installing addons, not even reinstalling the exact same addon Firefox just disabled (which is a useful oddity because it lets me get everything working again for a while).

Can anyone shed some light on what might be going on?

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It’s difficult to know what the reason is in your particular case. One possibility is that your system clock is set to the wrong date (far in the past or the future).