Firefox Mixed Content

I don’t need help, your browser does. Here’s another example out of many:

This site does not show the articles in Firefoix but no such problem in Opera or other browsers. Firefox, shame on you.

I don’t need help, I don’t have time going to your forums, I am simply providing feedback for you to wake up before it is too late.

I am mostly using Vivaldi and Opera browsers now, after many years of Firefox but no more. I gave enough feedback over the years but things just went downhill at FF, so good luck.



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Well said! It just proves that they don’t get it. And never will, even though we try explaining it to them.

This site is loading insecure http content over https, which is by default blocked by Firefox to protect your data from being leaked. See Mixed Content for full details, the site author needs to fix the site.

OK, thanks. Would be nice to have a pop up message (if possible) inform about this as I was wondering. So Gmail must be insecure as well.

You can see a warning signal on the padlock in the URL bar. Moving this conversation to a separate topic and closing, since this forum is just for discussion, support requests should be done over Mozilla Support forums:


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