Firefox Quantum Sprint Campaign is coming!

Hello amazing Reps!

As you know the Firefox 57 release is around the corner and it’s our time to show-up and ensure the success of the new Firefox release.

For that reason we are introducing the Firefox Quantum Campaign. During this campaign we ask our local communities to gather together and ensure that Firefox will run seamlessly in their regions.

Why is this important?
As you know with Firefox 57 we are going to introduce to the world a product which is faster and more reliable than ever. Mozilla’s employees and contributors have put thousands of hours of work to ensure that this is going to be successful. And for that we need your help.

Why this is a great time to show up?
We are expecting that some websites will probably break on new firefox. And that’s because there will be changes to the rendering engine resulting to websites to break. But Mozilla employees are not able to test all the websites around the globe so we need the power of the community. In order to ensure that Firefox runs smoothly on every part of the globe and regain its momentum, we ask for the help of our volunteers to ensure that Firefox 57 will launch successfully in their region.

How can I help?
You can participate in this campaign, by running an event in your local. You can also rally with local community to participate in local events and spread the world for the campaign by tweeting #57campaign

Have any questions? Ask us here


Hi Konstantina.

We are going to do a slightly different event (Nightly builds testing), but it will be in the timerange during LinuxDays in Prague. Should I add the event too?


hi Konstantina,

Is what to wait until October 8, 2017 to launch the sprint or we can do the [Firefox 57 sprint] before ?



the sprint should be run from the 2nd to the 8th :slight_smile: If you want you can do another date but we encourage you to participate at the campaign with the rest of the Mozillians

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yes if you think you have the time please do :slight_smile:

Hi Konstantina, if we want to be more creative, what do you think it could be great to colaborate with this campaign?, apart tweets with hashtag…
mmm… maybe make a contest for a design allusive to the firefox launch. :smirk:

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s really cool! I’ll sure participate in this campaign. Konstatantina, how can i get the button with link to download Firefox57, to be put on website to enable instant download.


Hey Ana,
collaborations are always exciting! Could you elaborate a little bit more on what you mean with design allusive?

Hey Ganesh,
Firefox 57 is not yet out there and this is what we need to prepare for :slight_smile:

However you can definitely direct people to the nightly website, the more testers the better

By then, Firefox 57 will be in Beta.

How can I help?
You can participate in this campaign, by running an event in your local. You can also rally with local community to participate in local events and spread the world for the campaign by tweeting #57campaign

I think #57campaign has no significance outside Mozilla community, Can we make #Firefox57 as hashtag for this campaign? :slight_smile:
[If adding campaign is mandatory, then #Firefox57Campaign]

Few info useful for the sprint:

Hello there all!
We would like to participate in this event in Colombia. However, we have three groups in three different universities where we could do tests and also installation campaign.
My question is, are these three points taken as a single local event or do I have to report each one as an event? because they will be different activities at each point.
Thanks M.

As we will list the events on the website so everybody could find an event in their region, I think reporting all of them is better :slight_smile:

We can even do a global virtual campaign sharing the info Firefox57, so that not just the tech communities but the general public as well.

Please suggest the info that can be shared.

It seems really cool. I’ve just sent a petition for being host and I’ve already have some meetup registers . Just yet I believe that the swag link is broken & the funding link is missing.


I have a few questions about Funding and Swag:

  • Can non-Reps apply through the website? Currently there are no links for doing so on the website, so please share the procedure.
  • Or do a Rep has to file Budget and Swag requests on behalf of all the hosts in his country/region?
  • Is the $30 amount finalized? Or can it go upto $50 or $100 for each event?
  • Will the registered events be added/shown on the website automatically (after form submission) going forward?
  • By when can we expect all the above features to run smoothly on the Firefox 57 Campaign website?


This is tracked in


This is something for @couci

Related issues on GitHub:

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A good first issue would be to get started contributing on this :slight_smile:

I’m planning to do the automatic event list according to signups the coming week.

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Please what changes are we to expect from the new :fire:fox 57?
…so I can know what exactly I’m after.